SKEMA career services are coming back in September!

19 July 2023 Career

SKEMA Alumni can help you rise to your career challenges with its comprehensive and personalised service offering.

Workshops and webinars

More than a dozen in-person (in Paris) or online workshops are planned each year around major themes to help you develop your soft skills, meet the challenges you face in your professional life, or help you deal with change and overcome difficulties. The alumni department relies on a dense network of professional partners in France and abroad to run the workshops and support you. From legal advice to manager coaching, job search tool optimisation or business start-up support... we've surrounded ourselves with experts to meet every need!

Individual support

We’ve entered into a new partnership, with My First Agency! Two package options are available: a My Career Essentiel assessment with 16 hours of support (professional and personal self-discovery + career goals and action plan), and a My Career Premium assessment with 20 hours of support (professional and personal self-discovery + career goals and action plan + communication et differentiation strategy + taking action). For those in France, these packages are eligible for CPF funding.

One-on-one coaching

SKEMA Alumni offers you a BOOST package comprising two hours of one-on-one coaching.

Provided by our partner Helicoach, this 100% online coaching service gives you access to a pool of 50+ coaches, with 5 language options and availability from 6 am to 11 pm, 7 days a week. In these confidential coaching sessions, you can discuss any problems you’re having, work on a career plan and refine your job interview skills. You’ll receive truly customised support.


Skills assessment

Give yourself access to a digital skills assessment and 15 training courses!

This is an opportunity take stock of your professional aspirations in complete confidentiality. You'll be able to assess your skills, understand your personality and get feedback from chosen consultants.

ONE GOAL: achieve short- or medium-term success in your professional or entrepreneurial endeavours.


Mentoring programme

The mentoring programme is aimed at encouraging your professional development (career advice, network building, employment assistance, etc.) through advice, support and one-to-one exchanges between a mentor (alum) and a mentee (student and/or alum). It is open to all degree programmes and specialisations. This year, you too can become a mentee and benefit from the support of a supervisor.

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Executive Education

SKEMA Executive Education can help you build on your skills thanks to a range of innovative courses designed to support your company's talent development and transformation strategy.

As a member, you receive a 20% discount on short and certificate courses and 30% off the SKEMA Global Executive MBA.

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GoinGlobal helps new and experienced graduates find opportunities at home or abroad. They provide "grassroots job intelligence" through their team of local career experts. These globally-minded individuals are in place around the world, personally monitoring and updating the career information and resources they deliver to you.

GoinGlobal is committed to facilitating international job searches by providing useful and unique information gathered at source.


New offers will be added throughout the year, so stay tuned!

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