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14 March 2023 School

Nearly one year after its launch, SKEMA PUBLIKA continues to follow its objectives to provide non-partisan and coherent solutions to policymakers in a world full of transitions and transformations. Take a look at our latest publications!


Our latest publications


We continue to publish articles on several issues by using public policies as a common thread, but also influence. 

  • Sport

A few days ahead the beginning of the World Cup in Qatar, Simon Chadwick published a ground-breaking report entitled “Qatar’s Hosting of the FIFA Men’s World Cup: the Issues and Challenges Ahead” in which he outlined 10 things to observe during the tournament. In the podcast “Ahead of the Qatar FIFA’s World Cup : Geopolitical Survival, Security Threats & Nation Building”, released on November 14th 2022, Simon Chadwick analysed Qatar’s preparedness to host the competition and the long-term legacy for the country.

  • Geopolitics

Last November, Claude Revel published an article entitled “International Relations through the Prism of Economics. Does Economics Contribute to Peace?”. Following this publication, the independent radio station Euradio contacted her for an interview (in French only).

  • Sustainable finance

In December 2022, Diane de Saint-Affrique, professor of law at SKEMA, published an article entitled “CSR and governance: the importance of implementing self-regulation”, based on the speech she delivered at the conference “Sustainable Finance : Governance & Metrics”.


Our events


In November 2022, we organised the conference “Sustainable Finance : Governance & Metrics” in partnership with Bpifrance. The full report of the conference is available online. Six speakers shared their analysis on the new paradigms that impact corporate governance:

  • Philippe Kunter, Director of Sustainable Development and CSR at Bpifrance
  • Claude Revel, Director of SKEMA Publika
  • Dhafer Saïdane, Professor of Finance and Director of the MSc Sustainable Finance & Fintech at SKEMA Business School
  • Arnaud de Bresson, Senior Advisor to the President of Paris EUROPLACE
  • Marc Wormser, CEO of Banque Wormser Frères and Chairman of the OCBF’s Climate and Sustainable Finance Committee
  • Diane de Saint-Affrique, Law Professor at SKEMA Business School

At the end of the conference, suggestions were made regarding the possibility of self-regulation by economic agents, within the confines of the law, and regarding a measurement tool essential for gauging the satisfaction of all stakeholders.


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