A successful golden anniversary!

23 March 2022 Events

Half a century after graduating, the alumni of the Class of 1972 got together on 18 March on the Lille campus. Because a 50-year anniversary is worth celebrating, this was a wonderful opportunity to bring that year’s graduates together for an afternoon. A chance for an emotional reunion, but also to discover the school’s plans for the future.

On the initiative of Annick Quievreux-Flament, one of the three alumna of the Class of ‘72, some thirty participants (19 alumni plus partners/spouses) came from France and Germany to attend the event. It was a chance for them to reminisce and to discover the campus, in the presence of Alice Guilhon, Dean of SKEMA Business School, and Madeleine Martins, Director of Alumni & Fundraising, among others.


During a friendly exchange, the alumni were informed of the school’s latest news and developments. At the end of the ceremony, after listing the major events that had marked the year 1972, Madeleine Martins was happy to present all the guests with a graduation cap and a diploma welcoming them into the SKEMA community.


“A wonderful initiative, a wonderful chance to reconnect, and above all a wonderful discovery of what SKEMA is today. What a wonderful undertaking! Well done!” said Patrick Tierny (SKEMA 1972).


A very emotional moment, new acquaintances, some “you haven’t changed” and less “I didn’t recognise you” and sharing of anecdotes... “It was a real pleasure and everyone was very emotional.” confided Jean-Michel Tanguy (SKEMA 1972).


It was also a mix of generations, genders, backgrounds, over a few brief hours, an amphitheatre visit, a group photo. Our alumni were able to chat with the current students who were there that day, but also with SKEMA’s audiovisual club, Primeline, which was covering the event.


Deeply moved, our alumnus Jean-Pierre Tremp shared his thoughts with us: “I don’t wish to be overly sentimental, but dare I say that, in addition to all the interesting information we received during our visit, we will remember the emotion of seeing all these young people here and there, knowing that they will be in our shoes in half a century.” 


It was moment of nostalgia, yes, but also of hope for the future!


Thank you to all of them!